This web site is aimed particularly at raising awareness about the side effects of heavy drinking or, quite simply, consuming alcohol on a regular basis. The truth is that probably most people already know that drinking may have negative effects on health and pose great risks or danger to one’s health, and may affect other people’s life too. For example, when drinking issues take place in connection to driving a vehicle or a bike; or being in charge of a particularly sensitive task where other people’s safety is concerned like working as a health care professional, operating an air control tower, being a firefighter or a police officer, etc.

Even if drinking in and of itself might be looked upon as a relatively harmless habit, the fact is that consumption of alcohol, directly or indirectly kills many more people than actually illegal drugs do. The problem probably lies in the fact that alcohol, in most Western culture countries is legal and that it is also an important industry, probably even more profitable than tobacco itself, and it yields billions and billions of dollars every year.

This fact alone makes it almost impossible for governments to even consider the option of banning or even regulating or reducing the consumption of alcohol. This consideration or attempt has been shown to backfire on governments in the past, like in the 1920s, when US Government and Congress tried to ban alcohol altogether by passing the National Prohibition Act which resulted in widespread criminal acts and violence all across the country.