Driving Safety Tips

As a result of a steady increase in the use of cellular phones, the discussion of how acceptable or even dangerous it is to speak on the phone while driving a vehicle at the same time has taken on new relevance. The main objective of this essay is to emphasize the need of establishing more rigorous penalties and traffic nor1579765-accident-sms-volant-jpg_1466383ms that regulate the use of mobile phones in relation to driving motorized vehicles.

Aside from the different points of view or stances we constantly hear on this controversial topic, the truth is that it has recently become the subject of much scientific debate, and even extensive research intended to investigate if there is in fact enough foundation in claiming that mobile phones and driving just ”don’t mix”.

There are those who claim that performing simple tasks such as listening in an earpiece and speaking does not requires high level of concentration, it doesn’t compromises the driver’s attention in traffic. They suggest that since we are so used to talking, it should be innate to human nature and therefore something that is done almost automatically. Extensive research however proves these theories completely wrong. Moreover, they indicate that although speech skills are indeed innate, it is while doing these tasks and due to their complex nature that brain waves have been observed to reach some of the highest peaks in matter of brain activity.

External stimuli that demand a certain level of focus, conversations for instance, require active listening and quite a bit of participation. They can trigger in the brain sensorial images that evoke memories or thoughts from information that has already been fed in the past, and combines that data stored somewhere in our brain cells to recreate or build new images. This can reduce focus towards something like driving.

Engaging in conversation is a whole new factor in the equation and as such, it also needs to be calculated and taken into account, thus doubling the amount of energy required in order to deal with even more complex, bigger ”equations” at the same time.